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The purpose of the Water management 2040 scenario project was to improve Kemira’s understanding of the future of water and  strengthen its role as an industry thought leader through insightful marketing collateral.

Starting point

To understand the future of water management, Kemira invited an influential panel of experts to discuss about a number of  challenges, opportunities, and possible paths ahead in the form of a scenario project.

Scenario research is an excellent tool for understanding future changes and building knowledge of the industry. Therefore, systematic scenario methodology was chosen as a tool to promote discussion within the water industry.

What was done?

The scenario project was executed in 2021, with the goal to build alternative, yet plausible scenarios for the future of water management looking into 2040.

The Delphi method – involving water management experts from across the globe – was used for identifying trends, potential disruptions and other changes in the operating environment as input for the scenario development. 

The valuable insight gathered from the experts was then used for building the scenarios using Capful’s proprietary Scenario Builder™. As a result, four unique, story-driven water management scenarios were created.

What was achieved? 

Based on the scenario work, a report titled “Water management 2040” was published. The “what if?” stories can inspire strategic discussions, new cooperation and technology development,  and encourage new and innovative ways of thinking within industries.

Kemira uses the scenarios to strengthen its thought leadership position in the industry, build its brand and stimulate discussion with water industry stakeholders. In their marketing, Kemira has utilized the scenarios e.g. in news articles, webinars and panel discussions regarding the future of water management. 
Report: Water management 2040 – Kemira

“Collaboration with Capful was smooth and we’re satisfied with the outcome report, which has been widely used in our customer communications to the water industry. It has also opened new doors for us in terms of cross-industry collaboration with key influencers in the sector.”  

Marikka Nevamäki, Director, Customer communications, Kemira Oyj

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