These times call for different thinking and new sensemaking about the future

From subtle to sea changes, we are facing an increasingly complex and uncertain future. Capful helps its clients make the most of future opportunities in the fast-changing operating environment. This means looking beyond traditional boundaries and taking an analytic, creative and bold approach to finding new solutions together. With over two decades of experience and advanced methods, we have helped numerous companies and public sector organisations cope with change and drive future success.   

Our services
  • Scenario work

    Scenarios shine a light on possible futures to support strategic decision-making. An open and uncertain future cannot be covered by a single forecast or decision-making model. Scenario work helps recognise and understand alternative developments in the operating […]

  • Strategic options and choices

    A successful strategy is based on informed choices between viable strategic options. Capful utilises strategic options in strategy work to take account of the different external and internal factors affecting the client company and […]

  • Growth strategy

    Changing values and customer expectations are reshaping demand, industry boundaries are blurring, digitalisation is gathering speed, and the 1.5°C climate target requires new solutions. Crises – like the coronavirus pandemic – may cause the foundation […]

  • Foresight and innovations

    Industry disruptions, technological leaps, emergence of new markets, changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour, and rare and extreme events, such as the coronavirus pandemic, create new opportunities for discontinuous and radical innovations. Foresight helps […]

  • Competitive advantage and competitive strategy

    Digitalisation lowers entry barriers. Disruptors grow into serious challengers. Scalable platform-based ecosystems change the rules of competition. Virtual services complement and replace face-to-face services, and value is increasingly created in collaboration […]

  • Customer understanding

    Research has shown a strong correlation between customer centricity and revenue growth. Customer-centric organisations succeed by offering high-quality products, services and experiences across all customer touchpoints, ensuring employee commitment to meeting […]

  • Strategy implementation

    We help our clients both communicate and implement their strategy, ensuring that strategic themes are translated to shared understanding, tangible actions and projects, and new practices.

  • Strategic capabilities

    As the operating environment changes, current capabilities may turn into rigidities, making it unfeasible to build your strategy and competitive advantage on the existing portfolio of capabilities. A dynamic external environment calls for dynamic capabilities […]

  • Monitoring of operating environment

    Systematic monitoring of the operating environment highlights important developments in the environment and helps respond to changes before it’s too late. To avoid information overload and lengthy all-encompassing reports, we focus monitoring on factors that […]

  • Research and analyses

    Capful conducts a wide range of research and analyses as part of scenario and strategy projects and as separate assignments. We utilise a variety of tools and data sources, such as interviews and surveys, public materials […]

  • Training

    Capful offers both open training and courses tailored to specific client needs. Organised as virtual or face-to-face training for small groups, our training workshops provide interactive and intensive learning experiences. In our experience, you make the most […]

International Certified Future Strategist programme 2021

Save your spot in the International Certified Future Strategist programme 2021 Take part in an international course taught by business professionals from five European countries, with more than 20 years of experience each in […]

Scenario services to help understand the future amid coronavirus uncertainty

Capful offers scenario services to help make sense of the future amid coronavirus uncertainty. The corona pandemic is without precedent in the modern era. Several billion people are under lockdown, and large parts of […]

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