Systematic monitoring of the operating environment highlights important developments in the environment and helps respond to changes before it’s too late. To avoid information overload and lengthy all-encompassing reports, we focus monitoring on factors that are relevant to the client company and the intended use of the information. Our clients typically use the information for planning and implementing their strategy. 

Capful’s services include both continuous and ad-hoc monitoring of the client’s operating environment – with focus on topics like industry, customers, competitors, economy, regulation and technology. As foresight experts, we specialise in proactive environmental monitoring to detect early signals of changes in the external environment. When monitoring is linked to scenario work, we can scan the environment for signs of the scenarios becoming reality. And when combined with strategy work, monitoring can focus on developments in the underlying strategic assumptions about the operating environment. The purpose is to provide timely and meaningful information to support both sense-making and decision-making, to leverage opportunities arising from the external environment, and to avoid misjudgements and misguided decisions. 


Continuous monitoring supports continuous strategy work, improves readiness for change, and enables timely reassessment and adjustment of strategy

Ad-hoc analyses can quickly generate information about the environment to support strategic decision-making on a specific project or topic

Outsourced monitoring, specifically tailored to suit the client's needs, supports and complements insourced collection of information

When most of the identified external drivers of change are systematically monitored, there is more time to scan genuinely new developments in the environment

Monitoring supports agile steering of strategic projects and reallocation of resources based on changes in the external environment

Compact and user-friendly presentation of information helps manage information overload and utilise information more effectively  

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