Capful is a forward-thinking consulting firm, focused on scenario and strategy work.

With over 20 years of experience, proven methods, and a track record of successful scenario and strategy projects, we help our clients make the most of future opportunities. Scenarios enable a deeper understanding of the future, whilst well-thought-out strategic options support sustainable strategic choices, and our participatory way of working creates alignment around strategy. ​

Most of our projects focus on growth, renewal, customer understanding and competitive advantage – building new business, driving better performance and creating more value. As specialists in scenarios and strategic foresight, we help our clients proactively prepare for the future.  ​

Our clients are major Finnish and international companies as well as public sector organisations. Our enterprise clients operate in a variety of industries, such as energy, forest industry, bioeconomy and cleantech, technology industry, logistics, financial sector, health sector, retail and wholesale, and FMCG industry. Our public sector clients include ministries, regional actors, cities, associations and other organisations. ​

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