Capful tackles clients’ challenges with scenario and strategy work. We collaborate with our clients to find the most viable and sustainable alternatives to support the future success and vitality of companies, communities and society at large.

Scenarios are plausible stories of possible futures. They shape our clients’ future – sometimes even our world. At Capful, you will participate in tangible futures work. We build scenarios to generate foresight for the future and help make choices for the future with strategy work. To identify feasible and viable options, we have a toolbox of versatile methods that we apply analytically, creatively and boldly. Capful’s scenarists and strategy experts include both seasoned consultants and young talents. Our clients are major domestic and international companies and organisations.  


1. We believe it takes a curious mind to come up with something new

Our work calls for sensitivity and openness to different and even unexpected futures. Our goal is to create new thinking, understanding and insights.

2We are forthcoming and easy-going listeners, seeking the good of others

We value the ability to see the world through the eyes of our clients and fellow human beings and the ability to listen to the clients’ actual needs.  

3We are bold but empathetic challengers, questioning conventional wisdom

We dare to openly challenge traditional beliefs and think the unthinkable – while always respecting our clients.

Work with us!

Capful’s atmosphere is warm, open and caring. You will be part of a committed and supportive community, where you can be yourself. We value all members of our team as people and personalities with different backgrounds.  

Our work is important and rewarding, helping our clients build a better future. We offer you interesting assignments and versatile projects, where you have space to develop your competences to benefit both you and our clients. We give you the support you need – from onboarding to supporting your professional development – and join together in rejoicing over successes.

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