Carefully constructed strategic options are a hallmark of the process Capful uses in strategy work. Our proprietary Strategy Builder™ has been developed to streamline the creation of strategic options and to enhance the initial formulation of strategies based on the options. The algorithm-based tool produces an informative, interactive map that makes the comparison of the strategic options and initial strategies more structured and transparent. Strategy Builder draws on our experience and expertise from numerous strategy projects, where we have applied the strategic options approach.

Strategy Builder in strategy work

Strategic options help deal with the uncertainty and complexity related to strategy work and improve the likelihood of successful strategic choices. When decision-makers are compelled to consider options beyond their comfort zone, and when the selected and rejected options are debated as equally genuine alternatives, it’s possible to make well-founded strategic choices. Strategy Builder facilitates strategy work by assessing interdependencies between strategic options and by formulating logical initial versions of strategies based on the options. The differences and similarities between the initial strategies can be analysed on an interactive map produced by the tool and then focus attention on a limited number of relevant, logical and differentiated strategies. In scenario-based strategy work, we can also use Strategy Builder to test the compatibility of strategic options with different scenarios.   

How does Strategy Builder work?

  1. Uses consistency analysis to assess interdependencies and logic between strategic options 

  2. Produces alternative initial strategies from the strategic options by combining different variables contained in the options  

  3. Analyses differences and similarities between the initial strategies

  4. Provides an informative illustration of the alternative initial strategies by visualising them on an interactive map 

Interactive tool helps leverage strategic options and initial strategies based on the options to facilitate strategy work 

Produces an easy-to-understand map that organises the initial strategies in clusters and helps identify their differences and similarities

Enables near real-time testing of changes in the themes and variables included in the strategic options to see how the changes affect the initial strategies

The visual map speeds up evaluation of alternative initial strategies and promotes structured strategic conversation 

Combined with scenario work, the tool helps analyse which strategic options work best in different scenarios 

Systematic and transparent analysis of options enhances quality of strategy work and chances of making successful strategic choices

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