Collaborating with Shell – The digitalisation of society scenarios sketch

Capful and Shell collaborated on a scenario project exploring the impact of Digitalisation on Society.

Capful and Shell collaborated on an ambitious scenario project exploring the impact of Digitalisation on Society. The project set a goal to explore alternative futures moulded by forces of digitalisation. As digitalisation is intertwined in all aspects of life, the project formed around several workstreams including ethics, governance, health, work, economics, education and production.

Top experts took the journey into the future and explored drivers that may dictate how different futures might unfold. Capful and Shell analysed over 40 uncertainty factors. To further analyse the plurality of these uncertainties influencing factors, Capful’s Scenario BuilderTM was used to understand the interconnections between the various factors. This analysis provided a multidimensional view of possible futures.

The method was flexible and based on learning: accumulated learnings from different workstreams were used to complement each other in order to capture the full complexity of the operating environment. The Scenario BuilderTM makes the process both effective and reliable.

Read more about the scenarios from Shell’s website.

How could digital technologies affect the world in the years ahead? Scenario launch at Web Summit:

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