Global strategy for Lindström

“The fastest and the most reliable processes in the industry” is one of Lindström’s key goals. The same ambitious approach also describes Lindström Group’s strategy process.

Lindström Group renews its strategy more thoroughly every five years and updates it annually. To work on the strategy 2016-2019, Lindström wanted to have partners who are able to include the viewpoints of the entire company in the process and who have a strong experience in formulating Group strategies with well-established tools for the strategy process. The strategy work had to be thorough in order to reach a simple, understandable and well-grounded outcome. Another important goal of the process was to produce clear actions and priorities for successful strategy implementation.

”Lindström operates in 24 countries. In every country, the service portfolio is different due to the distinct development stage of the market. This also added its own complexity to the process.”

In cooperation with Fountain Park, Capful tailored a strategy process for Lindström, in which all relevant aspects were taken into account while making the necessary choices. Firstly, the changes in the operating environment, as well as, the organizational development needs were identified by using the virtual brainstorm method of Fountain Park. Secondly, the changes in the operating environment were analyzed and processed with Capful in project meetings and market-specific workshops arranged by Capful. Based on the analysis of the business environment, Lindström’s internal development targets and the vision 2020 adopted by the Board of Directors, the strategic themes of Lindström were selected and crystallized in the management team’s workshops.

The core of the new strategy is a clear set of measures that are now being developed further. There is a high level of motivation and enthusiasm to implement the new strategy.

– Juha Laurio, CEO, Lindström

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