Changing values and customer expectations are reshaping demand, industry boundaries are blurring, digitalisation is gathering speed, and the 1.5°C climate target requires new solutions. Crises – like the coronavirus pandemic – may cause the foundation of your business to crumble, and you must look for new sources of growth. Companies that anticipate changes and actively explore new growth opportunities in an evolving business environment can unlock new revenue streams before the existing ones dry up. 

Sustainable growth strategies build on new growth drivers and opportunities arising from the operating environment. To develop a growth strategy, we look at the various dimensions of growth – from new customers to new business areas – as well as the different enablers for growth: how do current capabilities, resources and corporate culture support growth and what needs to be developed or enhanced. Capful offers tools for the identification, development, assessment and selection of new growth platforms. We start by creating growth options and move on to strategic choices on focus areas and targeted growth projects. When growth is driven by partnerships or M&A, we assist in identifying and analysing potential targets and selecting among them. 


Customer and market analyses help make sense of the future markets and customers that will generate growth

An analysis of the competitive environment helps anticipate competitors’ reactions and identify ecosystems critical to growth

An analysis of capabilities, resources and corporate culture helps assess barriers to growth as well as strengths serving as a foundation for growth

Working through options encourages out-of-the-box thinking about growth, instead of settling for the lowest common denominator 

Development and systematic assessment of tangible growth options help make choices that support sustainable growth

A participatory process challenges ingrained patterns of thinking, utilises organisational wisdom and gives strategy implementation a flying start

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