Capful offers both open training and courses tailored to specific client needs. Organised as virtual or face-to-face training for small groups, our training workshops provide interactive and intensive learning experiences. In our experience, you make the most of the training when it is directly connected to your work or real-life strategic challenges or decisions.

In addition to the following trainings, we offer bespoke, client-specific training on topics such as strategy work, strategic renewal, strategy implementation and building of business and revenue models. 

Building and using scenarios

The training helps you utilise the scenario approach to identify forces driving change in the operating environment and to prepare for alternative futures. The topics covered include foundations of scenario planning, frameworks used, process and stages of scenario work, different methods applied, and use of scenarios as part of strategy work. You will learn to use scenario tools in practice, either with the help of real-life cases or by applying them to your organisation’s particular needs. Read more about scenario work.

Strategic options and choices

The training provides you with the capabilities to use strategic options as part of practical strategy work. The topics covered include benefits of strategic options in strategy work as well as process, methods and tools for creating strategic options. You will learn to identify factors and areas where your company has genuine options, build strategic options, test them against selected criteria, and make prioritisations and strategic choices based on the evaluation. Read more about strategic options and choices.

Monitoring the operating environment

The training provides you with the capabilities to create a comprehensive view of your business environment, assess it from new perspectives, and launch a systematic operating environment monitoring process at your company. The topics covered include new opportunities for scanning and monitoring the operating environment, stages of monitoring process, and tools applied. You will learn how to launch a monitoring process, how to analyse the collected data, and how to utilise the up-to-date situational picture and the future-oriented information in a strategic and forward-looking manner. Read more about the monitoring of the operating environment.

International Certified Future Strategist training programme

International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS) is a pioneering executive education programme for future strategists. The course provides key employees of companies and other organisations with the knowledge, skills and competences needed to develop future-oriented strategies and to proactively plan for the future by anticipating and understanding changes in the operating environment. The course mixes theory with practice and is built around lectures, workshops, peer-to-peer interaction and home assignments. The programme is composed of four three-day modules of intensive face-to-face teaching and individual assignments in-between modules. Participants come from international companies and organisations. Read more about the programme on its website or provide your contact information and we will get back to you.

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