Digitalisation lowers entry barriers. Disruptors grow into serious challengers. Scalable platform-based ecosystems change the rules of competition. Virtual services complement and replace face-to-face services, and value is increasingly created in collaboration with the customer. The competitive landscape changes rapidly, and a company seeking to gain a competitive edge is having to aim at a moving target.  

A company that focuses on defending its existing position can fail to spot risks or take advantage of new opportunities before nimbler competitors have reaped the benefits. Capful helps its clients identify changes in the competitive environment and renew the competitive strategy accordingly. We help you decide what to abandon; where to focus on defence and improve efficiency; which ecosystems to participate in to secure competitiveness; where to find new markets that best match current capabilities; and where to find opportunities to create new competitive advantage.   


To help evaluate current competitive position, we provide an in-depth analysis extending from individual competitors to business ecosystems 

We analyse how the functional, economic and other value perceived by customers translate to competitive advantage

In addition to competitor and customer insights, we examine and analyse other forces in the competitive environment  

External analyses are complemented by an internal analysis of capabilities and resources critical to competitive advantage

Strategic options, created in collaboration with the client, provide a clear framework for making choices on competitive strategy

Our way of working helps challenge conventional wisdom on success factors and identify new opportunities

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