As the operating environment changes, current capabilities may turn into rigidities, making it unfeasible to build your strategy and competitive advantage on the existing portfolio of capabilities. A dynamic external environment calls for dynamic capabilities – ability to combine and utilise knowledge, expertise, systems, processes and other resources in new ways – and capacity to nimbly develop novel capabilities. At the same time, technological developments are reshaping capabilities: AI is unlocking more value from data, human-machine collaboration is taking on new forms, smart automation is transforming business processes, and digital platforms are fueling new cooperation opportunities.

Connection between strategy and capabilities is a two-way street: a company’s capabilities affect its strategic choices, and its strategy influences the capabilities it needs to build or acquire – either organically or through networks, ecosystems or M&A. We help identify activity-, firm- and group-level capabilities that are necessary in a changing operating environment and that can serve as a foundation for strategy and competitive advantage. We work together with our client to prepare a plan for what capabilities to develop and how, what is lacking and how to fill the gaps. The plan includes both internal and externally sourced capabilities. We also define how to monitor capability building and the compatibility of capabilities with strategy.


Recognising relevant and valuable capabilities helps utilise them to their full potential when building strategy and competitive advantage

A systematic capability analysis reveals gaps and weaknesses that must be addressed for strategy and its implementation to be successful  

Defining desired capabilities and analysing competitors' capabilities create a foundation for long-term development of winning capabilities

A capability analysis helps identify and leverage synergies in mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructuring  

Analysing technological and other changes in the operating environment helps identify opportunities for building new capabilities and competitive advantage 

Actively identifying new external capabilities and new ways to bundle them with internal ones creates opportunities for developing new strategic capabilities

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