Creating the future is everyone’s job. To come to life, strategy must become everyone’s job in the organisation. We help our clients both communicate and implement their strategy, ensuring that strategic themes are translated to shared understanding, tangible actions and projects, and new practices.  

Communication plays a central role in the strategy process. Capful’s participatory approach to strategy work supports effective communication. Instead of one-way communication, our approach encourages active dialogue, comments and questions. We start building shared understanding and strategic alignment during the strategy process.

Allocation of tasks and responsibilities, prioritisation of investment and other projects, budgeting and scheduling help put strategy into action. Implementation of group-level portfolio and growth strategy also requires decisions on resource allocation and possible changes in parenting strategy. We assist in the definition of qualitative and quantitative indicators needed to monitor strategy implementation and help determine what new capabilities are required. We also help find business partners, identify and eliminate obstacles that slow down implementation, and prepare back-up plans for unforeseen changes in the external environment. 


Our participatory approach promotes shared understanding of the strategy and helps achieve strategic alignment

A compelling and memorable summary of the strategy enables consistent communication and helps avoid misunderstandings

A clear and phased implementation plan translates the strategy  to tangible goals and practical work

Must-win battles help keep the number of strategic projects under control and focus on the essential in strategy implementation 

Appropriate performance indicators help communicate strategic priorities and implementation cornerstones to the organisation 

Our external environment monitoring service helps adapt strategy implementation in a flexible and timely manner

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