What could the future of university education look like in 2035?

The University Education Scenarios 2035 project examines how major changes around us, such as global warming, geopolitical tensions, changing values and ideology, and digitalisation, will affect the future of university education.

Together with Capful, the University of Helsinki is using scenario work to build a vision of alternative futures for university education. The aim of the work is to inspire and stimulate debate on the future possibilities of the University of Helsinki and the role of university education in the long term, up to 2035.

The work will involve a wide range of stakeholders at the University of Helsinki to illustrate alternative scenarios for the future of university education. These scenarios will help to reflect on the new opportunities, uniqueness and characteristics of the University of Helsinki in the future. In addition, the ways and means of teaching, as well as the social and international impact of the future. The results of this work will later serve as a basis for clarifying the University’s teaching philosophy.

The project was launched with a workshop, during which a wide range of issues related to the changing environment were discussed. In addition, focus group interviews and an extensive survey were conducted as background work. Three scenarios were constructed and then enriched and deepened through workshop. The project will culminate in a symposium in the spring to discuss the scenarios and their implications.

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