Courage to confront uncertainty

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Capful is a management consultancy specialising in scenario work and strategy development and implementation. We help our clients to utilise changes in the operating environment, build tangible and sustainable strategies and turn them into action. Close collaboration with clients underpins all our work. 





Scenario work helps to deal with uncertainties in a rapidly changing business environment. Scenarios allow you to better anticipate, adapt and respond to the changes and their impact on your organisation. Capful is one of the pioneers of scenario-based strategy development. Read more...

Strategy and strategic options

A strategic plan outlines an organisation’s goals and means to achieve them, and works as a roadmap for management and leadership. To encourage structured and insightful strategic conversation, to expand decision-makers’ strategic thinking, and to drive better decisions, we use strategic options as a key tool in our strategy projects. Read more...

Strategy implementation

Implementation turns strategy into reality. Effective execution involves crystallising strategy for compelling communication and transforming it into goals, projects and actions that can be easily measured and monitored. Read more...

Market intelligence

Our Market Intelligence (MI) services focus on monitoring operating environment on a strategic level. We direct attention to factors that are the most relevant to strategy in order to enable a thorough situational analysis with clear conclusions, instead of random observations. Read more...


Capitor® helps to collect, analyse, link and update information regarding strategy and operating environment – all in one place. Capitor makes monitoring of operating environment systematic and focused, providing management with valuable decision support. Read more...

Reports and studies

We offer a wide range of customised analyses, reports and studies for an up-to-date overview of your organisation’s current state, markets and future opportunities. Read more...


Capful offers training in current topics in strategy and business intelligence. We also offer an International Certified Future Strategist programme together with our European partners. Read more...



An effective tool for monitoring operating environment

Capful has developed a proprietary system for monitoring operating environments. Capitor® is an effective tool for strategy-based, proactive tracking and analysis of developments in the external environment. The unique system and integrated services help to collect, link and update information regarding strategy and operating environment – all in one place. Read more...






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